Be a part of our open and energetic atmosphere, where each representative can make a difference. We are continually looking for individuals who share our excitement for movies and individuals, and who can function as a feature of a proactive group to give our guests the best film experience conceivable.


Beside flexible working environment, we treat our employee like a family. Apart for monthly salary, we provide the following benefit to the employees.

  • facility item
  • facility item
  • facility item
  • facility item

Customer Care Service

Customer Care is a feature of our general client experience program. It is the manner by which individuals are dealt with when they engage with our organization and it incorporates each experience they have, from the pre-buy steps to purchasing tickets  to after they become a client.

  • 10+2 pass
  • Check tickets, direct visitors to their seats
  • Handle any issues , concerns or complaints 
  • Restock the refreshment booths and snack trays
  • Gather litter and clean up after the show
  • Operate at the cafe or box office of  movie theater 
  • Incredible verbal communication abilities
  • Ability to cooperate with other people
  • Responsiveness and understanding
  • Tolerance and the ability to avoid panicking in stressful situations
  • To be adaptable and open to new experinces
  • The capacity to understand and react to individuals' responses
  • To be able to do essential undertakings on a PC or hand-held gadget

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